Thursday, October 29, 2009

* My First Romance [Chapter 1]

I just saw this clip at youtube and heard the song which is My First Romance by Jose Mari Chan, I can say I had flashbacks of memories between me and Donna cause she is really my one and only First Romance. I can still recall our highschool days when I always make fun of her and joke her to other guys but deep inside I know I really like her. I enjoyed her company and she was my first true friend na girl, before my friends are all boys basketball and other guy thing trips. When we got together because of our classmate Joy-chi. Most of the times we also joke around but there are times that we do talk seriously that I haven't done before. I was sad when she transferred to another school during our sophomore days and I missed her so much but I can't tell it to her kasi I'm a "wimp". I am very happy when she transferred back to our school during the Junior years and that was the time that she and I became closer. I was happy seeing her everyday everytime I go to school and always transfers at her side as her seatmate eventhough there is a seat plan, I will just excuse that I can't see what's on the board lolz. Senior year was really is the most memorable cause this is the year that we had our first date at Goldilocks and I can say I was very happy when I got home, I also gaved her flowers during Valentine's day which is also a first time for me. Happy memories during the high school days.

To be continue:

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