Thursday, October 29, 2009

* My First Romance [Chapter 1]

I just saw this clip at youtube and heard the song which is My First Romance by Jose Mari Chan, I can say I had flashbacks of memories between me and Donna cause she is really my one and only First Romance. I can still recall our highschool days when I always make fun of her and joke her to other guys but deep inside I know I really like her. I enjoyed her company and she was my first true friend na girl, before my friends are all boys basketball and other guy thing trips. When we got together because of our classmate Joy-chi. Most of the times we also joke around but there are times that we do talk seriously that I haven't done before. I was sad when she transferred to another school during our sophomore days and I missed her so much but I can't tell it to her kasi I'm a "wimp". I am very happy when she transferred back to our school during the Junior years and that was the time that she and I became closer. I was happy seeing her everyday everytime I go to school and always transfers at her side as her seatmate eventhough there is a seat plan, I will just excuse that I can't see what's on the board lolz. Senior year was really is the most memorable cause this is the year that we had our first date at Goldilocks and I can say I was very happy when I got home, I also gaved her flowers during Valentine's day which is also a first time for me. Happy memories during the high school days.

To be continue:

Friday, October 23, 2009

* Still

It's almost 2 weeks since the last time we talk and that was thru YM and almost a month since the last time we saw each other. I can say I really miss Donna. I was sad I wasn't able to see her during my special day which is my bday. I rarely see her in facebook, ym, plurk and twitter so I don't have any updates about her. She rarely replies on my text messages as well and it really felt bad and sad because I do feel I am being ignored but I don't want to think about it that way. I am not sure if she doesn't have load on her fone or I don't know the reason. I'm confused because she wants us to be friends after what happened last September 30 which I did not agree for us to be friends, I can say I got angry but as days passed by the anger faded and I ate my pride and decided to apologize for everything that I have done wrong and ask if we could still be friends again that she agreed but now I don't feel like as her friend now and I feel I'm less than a friend. I'm texting her and asked her once to accompany me for dinner and ask for helped about something very important bout getting a postal id. Maybe this is not the time for us to socialize again and I don't want to push it or pressure her cause I don't want her to feel irritated to me. Today I decided to let go for now, I guess this is now the right time, I remembered that she said that wanted to be single and enjoy it and I respect her decision if that's what she wants. Now I'll just leave it to God and just hope for the best. I'll just enjoy what I have right now and focus on other things like my activities, career and my family. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and this experience taught me alot and I know it will make me a better and stronger person. If you are reading this I want you to know that I do love you always and I regret everything that happened and I still wanted to be with you and grow old with you. I always smile and saddened after remembering our precious times together and I missed them so much. I'm hoping and wishing you the best in life and career. I am happy with everything that happened with us (the good and rough times) I have learned alot and I am happy that I matured with you. The past 8 years was really wonderful and precious to me, if you wanted to continue it please comeback to me and I want to start all over again, I'm serious about this and I wanted to continue the times that we had together. It was really sad that this happened and i believe everything happens for a reason and only God knows it and it's for us to figure out. I always think positive and to smile. Enjoy life to it's fullest, follow your heart and I want you to be happy.

Kenny/Chard :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

* Laguna-Manila-Makati-Alabang Trip

It was Thursday and I have work at night (9pm) I woke up around 3pm and prepapred because I needed to go to DLSU-Taft to meet a business contact who sells the DLSU Shirts. I got there around 4:45pm and got my shirt, next is I went to MRT Pasay and damn I forgot to ride the LRT and instead I ride a jeep and traffic was really heavy because rush hour is near. I bought tickets and went to Ayala MRT Station when I went to the Magazine Store in the Ayala MRT station I saw an FHM Philippines issue #1 and it's for sale for 1.5k and without hesitation I bought it because it's a collector's item.

FHM Philippines issue #1

Anyways I went to the mall Greenbelt and then Kenny's Glorietta because I was really really starving. While waiting for my order I noticed and smiled because of the number that was given to me while waiting for my food

It's been a while since I ate at Kenny and I was really starving, I ordered Solo B with two mac and cheese side dish. After eating I went to the office and work, my shift is from 9pm-6am and I can say I was really really tired and sleepy but I'm happy I was able to finish my shift. I slept in the office from 6am-9:30am then went to Starmall Alabang and played basketball until 12:30pm. Me and some friends went to festival mall to eat lunch at KFC. Rain was really hard outside and it was very very traffic in San Pedro, Laguna. On my way home (I was already in the trycycle) the tryke stop around the church area because of the flood, so I have no choice but to remove my chucks and jeans (good thing I'm wearing shorts inside) then walk in the flooded streets until I got home around 4:00pm. Phew it was a long day but I'm happy because I think I've done alot and accomplished the stuff that I need to do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

* A Happy Tuesday :)

I was on leave last week from October 6 to October 10, I can say I had fun during my birthday because it was different. Family lunch, toy shopping and coffee. When I got back to work I can say I missed my teamates and my work (honestly), I went to work October 11 which is Sunday and it was a light shift for me and less calls. Monday came and my mood is still okay because people are still greeting me in the office, text and facebook and I am still overwhelmed. After my Monday shift it's already my restday again and I hit the gym and I said I'll be serious this time and got home around 10am. When I go online in ym I saw bebechoy is online which is really unusall recently so I said to myself this is my chance to say sorry, I breath deeply and said hi to her. Our conversation went well and I said sorry for the mistakes that I have made and silly things that I have done. The feeling was really really light and I am happy, now I can say I am a better person eventhough hatred helped me to be this way but as day goes by the anger in my heart fades. I told myself if I messed up I am the loser in this battle and I hate losing. I ate my pride and the results are okay. Now we are friends again and I started adding her to my social networking acounts. God really gaved me a tough challenge and I'm happy it made me a better and a stronger person and I was able to overcome everything. It's never too late to learn and that's true. Now I'm happy with everything and just enjoy what I have right now. Thanks Lord for helping me, I owe you a lot :)