Tuesday, October 13, 2009

* A Happy Tuesday :)

I was on leave last week from October 6 to October 10, I can say I had fun during my birthday because it was different. Family lunch, toy shopping and coffee. When I got back to work I can say I missed my teamates and my work (honestly), I went to work October 11 which is Sunday and it was a light shift for me and less calls. Monday came and my mood is still okay because people are still greeting me in the office, text and facebook and I am still overwhelmed. After my Monday shift it's already my restday again and I hit the gym and I said I'll be serious this time and got home around 10am. When I go online in ym I saw bebechoy is online which is really unusall recently so I said to myself this is my chance to say sorry, I breath deeply and said hi to her. Our conversation went well and I said sorry for the mistakes that I have made and silly things that I have done. The feeling was really really light and I am happy, now I can say I am a better person eventhough hatred helped me to be this way but as day goes by the anger in my heart fades. I told myself if I messed up I am the loser in this battle and I hate losing. I ate my pride and the results are okay. Now we are friends again and I started adding her to my social networking acounts. God really gaved me a tough challenge and I'm happy it made me a better and a stronger person and I was able to overcome everything. It's never too late to learn and that's true. Now I'm happy with everything and just enjoy what I have right now. Thanks Lord for helping me, I owe you a lot :)

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