Sunday, November 1, 2009

* Remembering October 2008

with Grimace and Hamburglar

me, Donna and AJ (dog)

Last year of October was really fun for us, we went to Baguio during my 24th Birthday then the next day we went to attend the Cosplay event at SM Megamall then FHM Event at Robinson's Galeria phew those were really pushing the limits moments.

Donna and Alodia

I can recall that it was the days that I started to lift weights and since I was not used to it I got hospitalized before the month ends. It was when I woke up around 2pm and it felt cold and my stomach really hurts like hell. Donna went to our house because we do have a basketball game that time at Metropolis Alabang (now Starmall) and she saw me in pain. I admit I was really a scaredy cat when it comes to going to the hospital, I am scared of needles and blood but the pain was really not tolerable so I asked my mom to bring me to the hospital. I remember I was shaking and when we got there (My Aunt) who is one of the Doctors told my mom that I should stay in the hospital (crap) and they it was the first time that a dextrose was put on my me and I was so scared but I was happy Donna is at my side and hold my other hand. It was my first time to be admitted in the hospital for 5 days and all day I was just watching the TV and playing games in my PSP.

my 1st time to be hospitalized

I can't eat yummy foods like my friends (Iza, Edd and Mark C.) bought that time which is Pizza. I ate a slice and damn my tummy hurts after a minute or two. Donna was always there for me, when my Mom can't stay with me, she is the one who stays with, She would go straight to the hospital after her work or sometimes she would drop by before she go to work and I can say I was really touch and I appreciate those things that she have done to me. Thank You so much and I know thank you is not enough.

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