Tuesday, November 3, 2009

* Senior Days and Summer 2001

It was JS Prom (senior days) and I haven't asked someone to dance, first reason is I'm shy and I'm not a good dancer. I went to the DJ Booth and requested the song "Till I Found You" and from the moment I heard the song I asked Donna to dance with me. She was my 1st and last dance during the seniors prom and that was memorable. After a week or two then came her 16th birthday, we went to her place to celebrate. Our HS classmate are there to eat and to celebrate. Before I left the party we talked and that was one of the happiest moment in my life when it's was officially us as boyfriend and girlfriend. I was so happy I rolled over the streets (seriously) and me and my guy friends drink and celebrate.

It was a tough especially for our first month together we always do have alot of misunderstandings but as time goes by we became better. I can still remember our secret meeting place in the street near the creek. I was introduced by her to her parents during graduation and I was very very nervous during that time.

During the summer I always go to her place with my bike, we and our high school classmates would also hang out always at a friends house at Filinvest. I can recall we had a summer outing at Quezon and my Mom joined us. It was really sad because high school days are over and we will be studying in different Universities. High school days is really different and it was really memorable.

This would probably the second to the last blog that I would post here and won't continue my updates anymore as much as I want too. Blogging for me is remembering the past and for now it's the opposite that I wanted to do which is to erase all of them.

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